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My mission is to empower design-minded leaders through transformative process of advancing their careers. My approach centers on guiding you to navigate the complexities of the work landscape, leveraging your strengths, and nurturing your authentic leadership style. I'm here to help you develop the skills you need with clarity and confidence, empowering you to thrive and discover your brilliance.

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Who I Work With

My clients are ambitious, self-aware individuals working in the technology sector (or in tech-related spaces at more traditional companies). They are successful individuals curious about high-level problems, such as navigating professional relationships, company cultures, and their own internal wisdom. They seek out ways to collaborate and create alliances that move their career forward.

The people I work with also value growth. They want to make decisions that feel right for them and keep their careers on track. Whether due to company changes or personal transitions, they have found themselves at a critical crossroads in their career.

My clients hold titles like

  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Design Lead
  • Principal

My clients work in

  • Product Design
  • Design Ops
  • Research
  • Content Strategy

A Client-Focused Approach

In today's fast-paced world, there isn't a lot of space to stop and reflect. That's why in our sessions, I create an energetic container that allows you to explore your issues, reconnect with your sense of power, and find authentic resolutions.

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Discuss where you’d like to go and what success looks like for you. Uncover what you want to create at work and at home.

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Unpack old stories. Debunk outworn beliefs. Design a new approach leveraging your strengths and support.

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Establish practical applications you can benefit from immediately.

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Build on your practice. Develop mastery of leadership skills and shine.

At the beginning of our coaching partnership, we walk through an onboarding process that establishes what you want to accomplish. Sessions are client-led, meaning we will focus on what’s most important to you in our time together. Each session ends with a homework assignment so that you’re putting your discoveries into action.

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About Courtney Kaplan

Throughout my life, the consistent thread has been an eagerness to explore problems and find beautiful solutions. Understanding how to ask questions, listen carefully, think broadly, gather wisdom from clients and creative partners frequently resulted in beautiful solutions to real problems.


Prior to coaching, I worked in the design field for over 25 years, first as a designer, then as a Principal at Hot Studio, a consulting firm in San Francisco. Most recently, I founded and led the first Design Operations discipline at Facebook, where I developed a global team of Design Program Managers (DPMs) from the ground up. I have studied with the Institute of Generative Leadership, Strozzi Institute, Martha Beck’s North Star Training and Newfield Network Certified Coach Training. These programs have helped me see the interconnection between our professional and personal lives.

I experienced many career changes and challenging work environments which have required reinvention and pivots. These experiences revealed that the more I changed myself on the inside, the more my outside conditions changed, too. This was a radical transformative breakthrough; one that greatly informed the coaching work I do today. We don’t need to wait for something outside ourselves to change in order to live the life we want. We can be the change.