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I’ve curated a list for those looking to dive deeper into topics related to Professional Development and Life Changes. This is a non-exhaustive list of my top picks, which will continually be updated. These links will take you to my book list on BookShop in which 10% of each sale supports an independent bookstore with a 10% match to Iconic Leadership Coaching, allowing me to continue to curate these resources for you.

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Dare to Lead with Brené Brown

Particularly of note: 

“The Masterclass of Daring Leadership” Part One 

“The Masterclass of Daring Leadership” Part Two

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Strozzi Institute

Ongoing workshops and talks in a community with focus on social justice and embodied leadership.


Join the community and practice with your design peers, take classes, find mentorship and practical guidance.

Positive Intelligence

Assess your saboteurs: this site offers keen insight about your self-sabotage patterns through a personalized quiz.

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Apps for Productivity & Focus

Below is a list of apps I’ve found particularly helpful in focusing my attention


simple, well-designed app to track tasks daily and “someday”.


Personal task manager


Supports Pomodoro method of 25 minute focus on each task with a 5 minute break

Focus Mate

‘Virtual study hall’ - set up times and have a companion working with you


Gamified timer to help you stay focused and plant real trees


Based on behavioral science, Routinery lets you set up series of tasks done regularly, get reminders and track success


Helps you set up new habits and sends reminders to help you reach your goals