Through custom-crafted workshops, I empower individuals, amplify leadership potential and create transformation. I can help your team open up possibilities so you can accomplish what you care about most. 

Iconic Leadership Coaching workshops are designed to help teams improve communication, facilitate collaboration and practice flexibility during times of change. I offer dynamic, interactive group and team experiences, so your team can leave feeling inspired and transformed. Workshops cater to the needs, issues and goals of each client.

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Some of my workshop
topics include:

  • Professional Growth - building and refining soft skills for stronger leadership and better relationships
  • Authentic Presence At Work - bringing your strengths and your story to the table to build confidence
  • Leadership and Communication Skills - more effectively leading teams though clear feedback, communication and coordination in order to deliver on promises to your organization
  • Effective Management - developing skills to build, grow and retain impactful teams

Upcoming Workshops

Leading with Heart:

Leading with Heart:

A conversation about authentic leadership and resilience in difficult times

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8:00 am - 10:00 AM PST

In the last two years leaders have faced new demands and challenges. Moving forward, we’ll continue to face uncertainty personally and professionally in ways that challenge both what we do as leaders and how we do it. So how can we become resilient, present and impactful? If we can't control what's happening outside of ourselves, how can we improve the way we're responding?

Leading with Heart teaches you to produce resilient, inclusive teams — teams capable of navigating dynamic and even unstable internal and external environments. Showing up as authentic, present and caring is a core component of strong leadership. As a leader, your job is to get commitments from your team so that you can deliver on what's most important. How can you do this in a way that connects and motivates them (and you!)? Especially in times of stress and uncertainty?

Frank Marquardt and Courtney Kaplan facilitate this leadership circle.

2 Meetings in 2 Weeks
  • What key skills can you develop that will lead to big changes in 2022?
  • How can you create high-trust environments for a stronger team?
  • What skills can you implement to be more effective and resilient (and less stressed) during challenging times?
  • What are strategies for managing your capacity when you have so many balls in the air?
What is included:
  • 4+ hours of coaching and discussion
  • Confidential space to discuss issues with other leaders
  • Cohorts for ongoing support
  • Vision worksheet to help define the leader you want to be
  • Program Cost: $395