Through custom-crafted workshops, I empower individuals, amplify leadership potential and create transformation. I can help your team open up possibilities so you can accomplish what you care about most. 

Iconic Leadership Coaching workshops are designed to help teams improve communication, facilitate collaboration and practice flexibility during times of change. I offer dynamic, interactive group and team experiences, so your team can leave feeling inspired and transformed. Workshops cater to the needs, issues and goals of each client.

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Some of my workshop
topics include:

  • Professional Growth - building and refining soft skills for stronger leadership and better relationships
  • Authentic Presence At Work - bringing your strengths and your story to the table to build confidence
  • Leadership and Communication Skills - more effectively leading teams though clear feedback, communication and coordination in order to deliver on promises to your organization
  • Effective Management - developing skills to build, grow and retain impactful teams

Upcoming Workshops

RETHINK: Developing Leadership Presence

RETHINK: Developing Leadership Presence

Step into challenging situations with more confidence. Includes on-demand learning PLUS monthly coaching.

Third Fridays
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST

I'm excited to partner with RETHINK again on another great workshop that combines the best of  past teaching with small group conversations over Zoom where you can bring any question or situation to the table.

Developing Leadership Presence helps you establish strategies to address leadership challenges you face everyday. Leadership can feel lonely or you might feel uncertain about how to handle an issue you face. Whether it's managing tough conversations, becoming more influential, developing stronger relationships or feeling more confidence and ease in your role as a leader, we'll unpack, discuss and share successful frameworks and approaches.

You'll get recorded resources of past teaming, my coaching and 30+ years experience as a leadership coach, as well as the support of you cohort of peers.

Leave each meeting feeling more confident, inspired, and with more options or tools to bring to your own team.

Ongoing! Join us!
  • Assessment of your leadership skills
  • How to better understand your strengths and areas of improvement
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Learning to make offers and requests that are heard
  • Learning key ways to establish trust and build relationships
  • Learning to navigate tricky and difficult conversations
  • Becoming more influential and confident
What is included:
  • Monthly coaching meetings for your specific challenges
  • A community of peers to help you
  • On-demand learning library of videos to watch when it's easiest for you
  • RETHINK community platform where you can post additional questions and find best practices

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Established Leaders: Building Low-Stress Leadership with Confidence

Established Leaders: Building Low-Stress Leadership with Confidence

Partnership with Design Ops Assembly Learning Labs

Starting Sept 20 (applications due 8/18)
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Stepping into larger leadership roles can be stressful. Demands are constant, resources are few. How can you maintain a confident, calm leadership style that supports yourself and your team? Together we'll talk about the stress and expectations of leadership roles and how you can manage with resilience and calm.

12 weeks, meeting every 2 weeks.
  • Why leadership can feel overwhelming
  • Developing strategies to stay calm, confident and collected
  • Advocating for yourself and your team
  • Socializing your wins, finding support for your challenges
  • Practices that keep you feeling mentally focused and present in any situation
What is included:
  • Six 90-minute classes with a small cohort
  • Office hours to connect 1:1
  • Connection with other leaders in your space
Quarterly Planning Workshop [For Clients Only]

Quarterly Planning Workshop [For Clients Only]

One-on-One: Map a Plan Aligned with Your Values


Let's build a powerful plan for the remainder of 2023. I've personally used this process for the past five years and I'm excited to share it with you.

We'll start by digging into what's most important for you to focus on right away. By naming our values and defining what they mean to you personally, you can take action towards goals that are aligned with what matters most. This is your life and it should be filled with the activities and achievements that mean the most to you.

3 sessions
  • How to determine your values for the next quarter
  • How to set goals that matter to you and commit to achieving those goals
  • How to establishing concrete plans and actions
  • How to quickly recalibrate and get back on track if you aren't making progress
  • How to record progress and assess your work
What is included:
  • An introductory video to help you start right away
  • Workbook to record your learnings and action plan
  • Step-by-step instruction to develop your personalized plan
  • Tips to ensure you stay on track
  • Zoom recording of our meetings if requested