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Four-Hour Personal Retreat Agenda

Four-Hour Personal Retreat Agenda

When's the last time you took a step out of the day to day to reconnect with yourself? When have you taken time to look up at the horizon and see if your ship is still sailing in the right direction? Life gets busy and sometimes changes by degrees such that we don't notice how far off course we are. Giving yourself the gift of half a day in a cafe can reconnect us and redirect us! This agenda is a great starting point but don't be shy! You can add or embellish as you wish.


First, find a park, cafe, library, spot under a tree or anywhere that is out of your normal day-to-day. We all find different locations inspiring so think about where you feel comfortable. Bring a journal, a couple pens, maybe a snack and water. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Who knows where the day will take you.


30 min: Settle in
Get comfortable. Silence your phone or turn it off. Let yourself arrive.
Check in with yourself. Journal for 20 minutes or so about where you find yourself in your life right now.  It’s okay to vent. Write what’s true for you.

+ What’s working in my life?
+ What am I tolerating?

30 min: Listen more deeply.
Give yourself a chance to write about what you really want in your life. This is just for you. Give yourself 30 minutes to listen to yourself without editing.

+ What do you really long for?
+ What do you need?
+ What parts of your life have faded away?
+ Where do I have values I want to reconnect with?

15 min: Break
Stretch, take a walk, water and bathroom

45 min: Imagine a future
Settle in and imagine a future you want to live. For the next block of time, let yourself reveal what you'd like to create in your life.

+ What experiences would I like to have in my life?
+ What do I feel would be satisfying?
+ What has been satisfying in the past? What brought me joy?
+ Where do I need to change and grow?

5 min: Break.
Stretch. Re-read what you’ve written. Snack.

45 min: Brainstorm action

We naturally want to jump into big action. Take some time to brainstorm actions, but also notice why you haven't already taken action. Notice where you may need support. Notice what needs to happen in order to get yourself ready to be ready for the next steps.

What blocks me? What help do I need to get unblocked?
+ What is the first milestone I can set to redirect my life?
+ Of the things I want to bring into my future, which one is calling most?

10 min: Closing + Thanks

Take the last 10 minutes to tie this retreat back into your regular life with commitments to next actions steps and a promise to check in on your progress.

+ What’s smallest step I can take now?
+ When can I check in regularly on my progress?
Don't forget to thank yourself for your wisdom!

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